Bollywood actor Amitav Bachchan & his family members infected by Coronavirus

Amitav Bachchan  family have tested positive for Covid-19, officials in the Indian state of Maharashtra say. Results on this Sunday showed the Bollywood queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and her daughter Aaradhya, eight, were infected by coronavirus.


Aishwarya’s husband Avhishek and her father-in-law were taken to hospital on Saturday with the virus. Therefore both men were found mild symptoms.

However Amitav Bachchan told his millions of Twitter followers he had tested positive for Covid-19 on Saturday. And Avhishek Bachchan shared on social media that they would stay in hospital “till the doctors decide otherwise”.Amitav and his son Avhishek were taken to Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai on Saturday. Avhishek said both of them have mild symotomps.

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