Memory cards can be a better extension to your hard disk

If your laptop hard disc is out of storage then you think about an external hard disk. But in 2020’s you don’t need to use a portable hard disk. Alternatively, you may add a memory cards.

It allows you to store photos and documents in an easily portable way, without having to carry an external hard disk.

sd card

So if you think to add a memory card in your laptop you should avoid cheap memory cards. Because their speed is not that good. Hardware experts recommend opting for brand name goods with a higher read write speed. The memory card should be capable of at least 30MB per second . Otherwise, there is a risk of long copying and waiting times when working with large amounts of data.

The expert also says you should stay away from cards that do not provide any speed information. Also bear in mind that memory (SD) cards will be unable to match the read and write speeds of a good external SSD drive.

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