Truth Behind The Crop Circle

Crop circle really exists? The answer is yes. wiki

Crop circle means strange patterns that appear mysteriously overnight in farmer’s land with geometric shape. The circles are mostly found around the United Kingdom, but have spread to dozens of countries around the world in past decades. The mystery has inspired countless books, blogs, researchers and even films. 

Despite having been studied for decades, the question remains: Who making them? 

Crop circle

Many people believe that crop circles have been reported for thousand of year’s ,a claim repeated in many books and websites devoted to the unknown mystery. Their primary piece of evidence is a woodcut from 1678 that appears to show a crop field of oat stalks laid out in a circle. Some take this as a first-hand eyewitness account of a crop circle, but a little historical investigation shows otherwise. 

Theories And Explanation

Unlike other mysterious phenomenon such as psychic powers, ghosts, there is no doubt that crop circles are “real.” The evidence that they exist is absolutely clear. The real question is who or what creates them? Let’s investigate that question.

We can look at both internal and external evidence to determine crop circles. Internal information determines what does the design actually means? Is that a message? No one doesn’t know the real answer. But some research says, that mysterious circles are  from alien world. They want to tell us something. And external information, including the physical shape of the crop designs themselves says, is there anything that indicates that the designs were created by human?


One explanation in vogue in the early 1980s said that the crop circle patterns were produced by the especially vigorous sexual activity of horny hedgehogs. Some suggested that the circles are somehow created by localized and precise wind patterns. Another says it is scientifically undetectable magnetic field energy and meridians called Lay lines.

Others explanation, such as molecular biologist Horace Drew, reported that the answer lies instead in time travel or alien life. He explained that the patterns could be made by human time travelers from the future to help them navigate our earth. Drew, working on the assumption that the designs are intended as short messages.

However, these odd, pseudo-biblical circle undermine the authenticity of the mysterious circles, or at least the meaning read into them. Of all the information that an extraterrestrial intelligence might choose to convey the humanity ranging from how to connect them to engineering secrets of faster-than-light travel. These aliens chose to impart deliberately occult messages about false gifts, broken promises, and hope for mankind.

In conclusion Many people believe that the aliens physically make the patterns themselves from spaceships. Others claims that they do it using invisible energy from space, saving them the trip down here.

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