Alien Story in Britain Top 10 True Story Compilation

Number 10: The Alien Diamond in the sky

In 1992 hikers outside the small village of Calvin Scotland made history with one of the most convincing Alien UFO photos ever taken. However bizarrely this photo was allegedly covered up in the 1990s by the ministry of Defense. Which apparently had a one-man Department investigating UFOs for a number of years. Before the existence of this department was even published acknowledge the photo of a large diamond-shaped object did the rounds of various intelligence organizations before vanishing forever. Only a reconstruction of these supposed image remains.

diamond in the sky

Number 9: The Berkshire rugby ball:

Nobody expects a rugby ball to come flying at them when they’re piloting an Airbus 34,000 feet over big picture. But that’s apparently what happened to one unlucky Pilots. Only 20 miles away from Heathrow are boards. The pilot was convinced this mysterious alien object was going to crash right into the cockpits even dunked. It was reported to the authorities as a near Miss in 2014. And an investigation was launched ultimately with no results. To this day there’s no explanation for what exactly he saw.

kigoa football on green grass during daytime

Number 8: Todmorden UFO incident:

Hypnosis has been known to work wonders for alleged abductees. It certainly did when it was used on PC Alan Godfrey after a close encounter in 1980. He clearly recollected a craft of the size of a bus in the northern Village of at top Morden. After various calls from the public who were concerned about a herd of cows escaping presumably spooked by the ship. A stranger named Joseph supposedly took Godfrey aboard wearing number of little creatures or robots. I examined him several other officers and a lorry driver also claimed to have seen something similar. Adding credibility to his accounts.

Todmorden UFO incident

Number 7: The Dudley Dorito:

The Midlands most famous alien spaceship “The Dudley Dorito” has been cited many times in recent years. Not only have that been eyewitnesses, but some of them have even managed to photograph or film The Mysterious shape. The object gets its name from area where it appears and it’s triangular shape. Looking like a big crisp in the sky the few bright lights to boot. For at least a decade its place the skies roughly five times the size of a jumbo jet and people are still at a loss for explanations.

The Dudley Dorito

 Number 6: The copper man alien:

The oldest alien insulins on our list occurred throughout the 18th and 19th centuries in and around portsmouth. Where a mysterious entity retroactively called the Copper man was repeatedly cited. Well only really known to locals this story of a human with metal skin first recorded in 1798 is incredibly weird. A young maid even saw the man with metal flesh walk out of the sea and then go back in again disappearing but this frightening creature hasn’t been seen at all since 1801.


Number 5:The Stanmore saucer:

when police would cool down to a woman’s house late one evening in 1984 because she claimed to have seen a UFO. They presumably didn’t expect at also be faced with the object in question. However, when they arrived the mysterious craft was still visible overhead and stuck around long enough that they had a chance to do a rough sketch of it. The RAF also reported not having any planes in the sky that evening. As The story goes that Police even attempted unsuccessfully to follow it down the M1.

big bright light in sky above building

Number 4: Ilkley Moor alien sighting:

On a cold evening in 1987 retired policeman Phil Spencer was out for a walk on Ilkley Moor Yorkshire. On his way to visit family. He also had an idea to take photographs of strange lights he’d seen on the boars. But definitely got more than he bargained for. He saw a strange being took a photo and chased it back to a UFO which quickly took off. The photo was then analyzed by Optical physicist and UFO-logists Dr. Bruce Maccabee. The conclusion was that it had not been edited and the creature was no known animal.


Number 3: The envoy:

The ministry of Defense may have acted Shaylee on occasion. But in this instance, they apparently didn’t think anything of a strange man claiming to be an Envoy for an extraterrestrial Diplomat who wanted to speak to the authorities. The man said he’d been in contact with aliens specifically an Alien named algar. Since he was age 7 and the Elgar was finally ready to reveal himself publicly. Unfortunately before this could happen Elgar was supposedly killed by some other aliens. The MOD never chased it up. We can kind of understand why though it does make for quite the story.

Number 2:  The Falkirk Triangle:

When you think of the UFO capital of the world the first thing that springs to mind probably isn’t the village of Bonnie Bridge Scotland also nicknamed the full code triangle. But it’s this area’s claim to fame ever since sightings began in 1992. For whatever reason aliens seem drawn to this patch of land between fall gig stealing and Bonnie Bridge. Those Skeptics believe that it’s all the scheme by a local politician Billy Buchanan to attract tourists. But there’s still hundreds of reports of strange lights and objects in the night sky.

 The Falkirk Triangle

Number 1: The Rendlesham Forest Incident:

So significant, it’s nicknamed Britain’s Roswell. What happened at Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk in 1980 has baffled people for decades. Centering on an Airbase RAF Woodbridge over a few nights at the end of December many high-ranking officials claim to see a UFO come down in the woods.


Personnel went on to investigate and found a glowing metal object that left bin marks behind. The incidents spooked so many people that the MOT were forced to issue a public statement National Security was not at risk. Do you agree with our picks? Check out these other Great Clips.

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